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Wednesday, March 03, 2010



Tuesday night recall revelers drove up and down our street honking horns in celebration. Also over to a single mom’s house to harass her for being anti-recall. Cruel. Star opted not to report it, choosing tasteless photos instead. At least revelers were kind enough not to burn crosses in our yards—we are grateful.

Their style is different. But so are they. Alas, we must be gracious and remember Dr. King’s words, “Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” Good advice—but give us a week.

Kudos to Mariam Hansen’s new “Images of America: St. Helena.” Get it at Krug March 14th.

W.D.O argument heating up. Will it be the beginning of the end of the Ag Preserve or just an updating of an archaic law? The shadow knows (not!)…Maybe soon you’ll be able to buy the Crystals new hit: “Goin’ to the Crusher and we’re gonna get Married.” …. Tuesday, Councilman Sklar—who lent his name against the recall until he switched sides (making him a perfect candidate for national office), accused Mayor Del Britton of dishonest skullduggery in open session of City Council (upping his bona fides for national office). Honk if he’s your kindda guy.

Fire chief Twohey (a good man) is out. John Sorensen (a good man) is in. Department will be fine—but one has to wonder how much Kevin’s refusal to lower the physical standards (so one former fireman’s wife could get in) affected the outcome…The good news? Kevin now has time to coach new St. Helena Swim team. …Matt Rogers’ Gallery Gala at Ira Wolk’s (how we miss him) and MA(I)SONRY in Yountville, last Friday night, a smash success. Crowds were almost as big as his B & W pics of fetlock’s fighting for footing. Early patron, Paul Thiebaud (artist extraordinaire, Wayne’s, son) was there to cheer Matt on—and check up on his new bungalow on Charter Oak.

Reservoirs overflowing. Water we got. Capacity we ain’t. It’s an easy fix—but no one will step up to the plate—take on fish and Game—raise the dam’s and put it to rest. (Actually, we could pump enough from our wells, but mis-understanding of aquifer by misinformed Agsters (And we’re way pro Ag) prevent this inexpensive, simple solution…Cameo Theater doing a great job of getting Oscar nominees before Academy Award’s Sunday night. Twas’ a time when seeing a nominee two years after winning was a thrill—let alone before …Saturday night is the Rotary Winter Ball at C.I.A—not that one—ours. Theme is the “Stork Club”—that of New York fame in the 50’s and 60’s. Last year’s “Bond Girls” will be back pouring Champagne, adding flash and dash to generate cash for Boys & Girls club.

Tired of politicians? If you think you’d like to vote for a supervisor who owns his own business, cuts his own trees, mills his own wood, and builds his own house—check out Pope Valley’s Jeff Paraday. 350 folks did at Native Sons on Saturday. Impressive. Diane Dillon thrilled that he and Mike Haley might split the vote, but it is a long way until November.

Obama asked for an honest discussion on race. With a Black man in the White House and Puerto Rican woman on the Bench, odd that not one letter writer mentioned the ramifications of editor Doug Ernst calling for the ouster of our lone Latina representative on the board—though schools are 45% Latino. This is either great progress on the racial front—or a sign St. Helena’s got a long way to go.

Only in Napa Valley site: Looking east from 29—framed by two low knolls, the silver dollar moon above mustard covered Vineyard (across from Brix) just after sun sets, but before darkness sets in. A Nobel in photography awaits.

Who coaches the coaches? Willie Connolly and David Wignall brought in some pros to teach drills to local little league coaches last Saturday. 30 volunteer coaches showed up to improve their skills to help the kids. Say Hey, Willie!…Yes, to more baseball. No to more recalls. Query? Are we better off today, than we were last May? Honk if you think so.

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